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Event Information: Music for an Elizabethan House

19th August 2017


Friday 2nd June, 2017 7.30

£9 includes programme and interval refreshments. accompanied children free.
Members £7.


Castle House
Castle House, Castle Street, Leicester, LE1 5WN, Disabled Access.

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Clive Letchford, tenor, and bass viol with Mike Ashley, lute & theorbo
The reign of Queen Elizabeth I saw a golden age of songs with lute accompaniment, songs of beauty and delicacy, perfect for private music making in an Elizabethan house. With songs by Dowland and Campion this programme also includes compositions by Tobias Hume who favoured the viol over the lute for his songs and solos, even initiating a public spat with Dowland in the process!
Italian music was always fashionable and influential in Tudor England. Many Italian musicians came to work here, and many of our musicians travelled to Italy to study, including John Dowland himself. At the end of Elizabeth’s reign the Italian influence in music became even stronger as the new style of “monody”, the dramatic use of a single melodic line with chordal accompaniment, began to outshine Renaissance polyphony. This was the first inkling of an “operatic” style. English composers rushed to encompass this, and John Cooper even changed his name to Giovanni Coperario to embellish his Italian credentials.
At this time even John Dowland was considered, by some, as old-fashioned.
Later in this programme we will see how the Italian influence developed in England, together with the introduction of the theorbo-lute, the perfect instrument for the songs of Nicholas Lanier.