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John's Page

20th November 2017

Personal thoughts from the Festival Director - not necessarily endorsed by the Festival Organisers.

Notes for the Month - November, 2017

Mushroom Raviolo

OK so I am cooking for friends on Saturday and need to decide what to do.
What about raviolo of wild mushrooms for starter and breaded partridge for main? Here is the raviolo. See last month for the breaded partridge or email me for the recipe.

First make some pasta dough. I found I needed around 250g pasta flour, mixed with 2 large eggs and 3 egg yolks. I mixed this together and added a tablespoon of olive oil and the same of water. After kneeding well this came together as a smooth mixture. I wrapped this in cling film and left in a fridge for 30 minutes or so.

To make the filling I sweated some wild mushrooms until all the water had come off. After cooling, I then seasoned and added a couple of teaspoons of bread and an egg yolk to bind and made small balls.

I used a pasta maker to roll the pasta several times and eventually reduced the thickness until I was happy. I divided the pasta into two and put one half on the bench and the small balls onto the pasta. I brushed round each ball with water and then put the other sheet of pasta on top to make raviolo. (Make sure you get all the air out or it will burst).

The raviolo take about 2 minutes to cool in boiling water. I served one each in a crab bisque.