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Early Music Links

15th July 2024

 ¤ Buildings - Links to some of the Finest Buildings in Castle Park
    ¤ De Montfort Hall - largest concert hall in Leicester
    ¤ Handel House Museum - Handel Museum in London
    ¤ Leicester Cathedral - St. Martin's Cathedral
    ¤ Leicester Museums - The Home page of Leicester's Museums
    ¤ St. Margaret's Church, Leicester - One of the four great mediaeval churches in Leicester
    ¤ St. Mary de Castro Church - One of Leicester's finest Medieval Churches

 ¤ Early Music Groups
    ¤ Aitone - A capella consort based in the East Midlands
    ¤ Beautiful Jo Records - the home of Oxford Waits - earlymusic group
    ¤ Charivari Agreable - Baroque group based in Oxford
    ¤ Courtlye Musick - Early Music Group based in Southampton
    ¤ Dante Ferrara - Multi-instrumentalist and Tudor & Restoration singer
    ¤ Emma Kirkby - international soprano
    ¤ Fires of Love - Scotlands leading Early Music Groiup
    ¤ Hexachordia - Early Music Group
    ¤ Lachrimae Consort - Midland-based early music consort
    ¤ Leicestershire Victorian Dance group - Weekly classes, costumed balls and displays in Victorian and historical dancing
    ¤ Mean Time - Early Music Group
    ¤ Michala Petri - Home site of Michala Petri & Lars Hannibal
    ¤ Minstrels Gallery - Early Music group specialising in medieval and renaissance music
    ¤ Piva - Group inspired by the professional Waits and Court Bands of the 16th and 17th centuries
    ¤ Quadriga - One of Austrian leading Early Music Groups
    ¤ Red Priest/Piers Adams - One of the world's finest recorder players
    ¤ The Waits Society - The official site of the Waits Society
    ¤ The York Waites - Waites group based in York
    ¤ Vareria Mignaco & Alfonso Marin - Soprano & lute duo
    ¤ Wyldes Noyse - Waites Group

 ¤ Information Sites
    ¤ Development of Western Music - Helpful links for music sites
    ¤ Early Music Online - This is a jumping off point for an unofficial round-up of the huge number of non-professional orchestras and ensembles UK.
    ¤ Find Amateur Orchestra
    ¤ HIP Singing - Re-workings of papers given at the National Early Music Association conference held in the Music Department on 7–10 July 2009.
    ¤ Origins of 7 instruments - Interesting start to the history of 7 popular instruments

 ¤ Leicester Accomodation
    ¤ Bowns Best - Independent reviews of some of the best hotels and restaurants in the world
    ¤ Casa Romana - Some of the best Italian food outside Italy.
    ¤ Leicester Hotels - Useful site listing hotels around Leicester

 ¤ Makers
    ¤ Bob Deegan Harpsichords - Lancaster Harpsichord Maker
    ¤ FoMRHI - Fascinating Group of Instrument Makers who share techniques
    ¤ Malcolm Rose - Harpsichord Maker. Useful supplier of strings for keyboards.
    ¤ Peter Collins Organs - Organ Builder based in Leicestershire
    ¤ Steven Sørli - Hand-crafted harpsichords and gut-strung harpsichords (lautenwerk)

 ¤ Miscellaneous Sites
    ¤ BachTrack - helpful site for finding Classical Music
    ¤ BBC Leicester - BBC Leicester - the first stop for local information
    ¤ British Events Guide - Useful Tourist Site
    ¤ Early Music America - serves and strengthens the early music community in North America and further afield
    ¤ Historically Informed Summer School - Course for singers, string & woodwind players exploring connections between early & traditional music."
    ¤ Leicester Festivals - Leicester Festivals Facebook Page
    ¤ Leicester Forum - community site for discussing all aspects of Leicestersire life
    ¤ Leicester Mercury - daily newspaper with large Leicestershire circulation
    ¤ Leicestershire Concert Diary - Usefull site for advanced concert planning in Leicestershire
    ¤ Leicestershire Tourist Information - useful local tourism site
    ¤ Terra Wines - Local Importer of Fine Wines -retail and restaurant
    ¤ The Early Music Pioneers Archive (TEMPAR) - lives, work & influence of importany, largely forgotten pioneering figures of early music revival
    ¤ WhereCanWeGo - Britain's What's On Events Guide

 ¤ Music Retailers - Shops specialising in Early Music
    ¤ Early Music Shop - Englands Largest Retailer of Early Musical Instruments and Music
    ¤ Recorder Mail - Supplier ot Recorder Music (and more)

 ¤ Other Music Festivals
    ¤ Leicester Comedy Festival - The longest running comedy festival in the UK . 180+ events in 50 venues across Leicestershire
    ¤ Leicester Early Music Festival
    ¤ Leicester Festivals - The official link to all Leicester Festivals
    ¤ Leicester International Music Festival
    ¤ York Early Music - The Music festival traditionally held in York...

 ¤ Publishers
    ¤ Green Man Press - practical performing editions of vocal music of the baroque period
    ¤ Jacks, Pipes & Hammers - publishers of facsimilies of 16th and 17thC music

 ¤ Societies
    ¤ British Arts Festivals Association - Links to all the major arts festivals in UK
    ¤ British Clavichord Society - encouraging the study and enjoyment of the clavichord, and promoting recitals
    ¤ British Harpsichord Socoety - The first port of call for all interested in the Harpsichord
    ¤ Florence International Music Summer Campus - Classical and jazz music summer courses in the Florence Music School "Il Trillo",
    ¤ FoMRHI - Makers of Historical Musical Instrument
    ¤ Friends of Cathedral Music - a society for all interested in English Cathedral Music
    ¤ Gregorian Association - Society for promoting Gregorian Chant
    ¤ Handel - a must for all Handel fans
    ¤ Leicester Civic Society - Members are interested in the preservation of Leicester's Historic Buildings
    ¤ Lincoln Waites - Interesting site researching Lincoln Waites' History
    ¤ Making Music - National Federation of Music Societies
    ¤ Midlands Early Music Forum - Early Music Forum based in Birmingham area
    ¤ National Early Music Association - The National Group for Early Music
    ¤ Renaissance Historical Dance Society - Historical Dance, archery, Tudor medicine & more
    ¤ The Galpin Society - History, Construction and Development of musical instruments
    ¤ The Jackdaws Educational Trust - Residential music courses, schools and community programmes, concerts and vocal awards
    ¤ The Waits Website - Official site of the International Guild of Town Pipers. Historical information on Waits and European equivalents, pictures etc.